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Do Before Learning? The Six-Figure Hack

If you were a college student who never stopped attending school full time… how much would you earn. Likely nothing. You’re too busy learning to earn.

Do Before Learning? The Six-Figure Hack

When does a college student start making money? When they leave school (graduating or not, doesn’t matter) and start working.

So why do we think our online marketing businesses are any different?

When you put education in front of ‘doing,’ you’re a perpetual wannabe marketer.

But when you put the doing first, you’re building a business.

It’s a simple mind-shift that can take you from broke to six figures.

I’m not saying you should stop learning – not at all…

What I am saying is you should devote your best hours to working on your business. And devote your ‘spare time’ to learning.

Of course, sometimes you’ll need a crash course in something. Like when you try to build your first squeeze page. This is when you go to Google or YouTube, find a video that walks you through what you need to know, and do it as you follow along with the video. Yes, you’re learning. But you’re doing it in context with working on your business.

Bottom Line: There is a point when you have to put all the courses and programs aside and get busy doing something. And while you’re actively engaged in that, don’t learn anything unless it directly relates to what you’re doing.

Think of doing as your full time activity, and learning as something you do during off hours. You’ll make a lot more money that way.

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