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Sweet Side Business that Runs Part-Time

This won’t make you rich, but it can pay the bills. Basically, you’re going to hire two outsourcers and then sell the websites they build for you. This has been done by at least one marketer that I know personally, and I’m sure many others have found similar success with this business model. Here are the details…

Sweet Side Business that Runs Part-Time

Hire two outsourcers, possibly from the Philippines or anywhere you can get excellent full time help for about $500 each per month.

One outsourcer should be versed in all phases of website building and PhotoShop. Things they will need to do: Install WordPress sites, install plugins, install autoresponder forms, use Photoshop to create website graphics as needed, etc.

The second outsourcer is a good writer, preferably a VERY good writer, able to research and write about most any topic.

This is your team.

One thing to know – work expands to fill the time allotted. So if you give your team two weeks to build a site, that’s how long it will take. Instead, see if they can do it in 2 days.

For what you want done, it should only take 2 days. In fact, for the website builder it should only take one day, and two days for the writing.

Now then, the first site your team is going to build will be for you. It should be an authority blog, containing several posts and an embedded YouTube video or two.

You choose the domain name, let them know what you’re looking for, then let them sort out everything else.

This is going to be your example website. Of course, you can continue to build this site out over time, making it a true authority site. And you can use the outsourcers to do this for you. But first and foremost, you want to treat it as your example website.

Now you launch an offer to build authority websites for other people in the niches of their choosing. You can start by notifying your list of your new service, place in the top marketing forums and branch out to Facebook after that.

Charge whatever you like – $300 is a good price but it’s up to you.

The website will be a unique authority blog in whatever niche they choose, with perhaps 5 posts already written, all the plugins in place, basic SEO, a domain of its own… you get the idea.

You’re paying your team $1,000 a month, so you need to make 4 sales to be in profit.

But realistically your team can build 10 sites a month, spending 2 days on each site and working 5 days a week.

10 sales at $300 is $3,000, minus the $1,000 you pay your team leaves you with a $2,000 profit.

Of course, you can charge more, offer different packages and so forth. For example, your deluxe package might contain 15 posts and cost $700, depending on how good your team is and how well you do at selling the sites.

If you find your team has downtime between orders, you can have them create a product for you, or build sites which you then sell pre-made.

There is some work in getting the sales and communicating the desires of the client to your workers. But it shouldn’t take you more than an hour a day to accomplish this.

And once your other ventures are making enough money that you don’t want to be bothered with this endeavor anymore, you can always sell it as a turnkey business. Sweet success!

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This 1 Mistake Will Keep You Working 9-5

Short and sweet: Are you going wide instead of deep? For example, if you’re in online marketing, are you trying to reach every new marketer out there? This is a huge mistake.

This 1 Mistake Will Keep You Working 9-5

If your niche is gardening, are you trying to reach every vegetable gardener on the planet?

And if your niche is dating, are you targeting every single male – period?

Then you’re going too wide. By appealing to everyone, you appeal to no one.

I once coached a woman who wanted to start a newsletter for parents.

All parents.

Of every age of child, 0-18, who lived anywhere on the planet.

I spent half the coaching session trying to talk her out of this strategy, or rather, lack of strategy.

She could not be dissuaded.

And I never heard from her or her newsletter again. My guess is she’s still stuck working the 9-5 job she was trying so hard to leave.

What should she have done?

Targeted brand new first time parents, or parents of 0-2 year old children, or middle class working parents of annoying teenagers, or adoptive parents, or frustrated foster parents, or…

…you get the idea.

Broad niches will keep you broke and frustrated.

Narrow niches can make you rich.

It’s that simple.

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Go OFFLINE to Grow Your Online Business

You have to admit – the online world is CROWDED with marketing messages. It’s hard to start out and get noticed, and it’s becoming more difficult every day. Ironically, some of the older methods have once again become more effective. As everyone else vies for attention online, consider doing something old school, such as…

Go OFFLINE to Grow Your Online Business

Sending Postcards

When you send an email, it’s easily ignored or deleted. A message on social media carries even less weight.

But a real life, physical piece of mail that lands in a prospect’s mailbox is something they will take notice of. And postcards are cheaper to mail than letters.

Here’s what to do: Decide on the goal of your postcard – do you want them to join your list? Attend your webinar event? Go to a sales page?

Once you have your goal, use testing to find just the right slant for your offer. A postcard is a relatively small space, so every word and every image has got to pull its own weight. But once you find the magic mailing piece, you can continue to mail it out for months and even years, as long as it remains effective.

Know the lifetime value of your customer. This will help you determine what kind of conversion rate you need with your postcard mailers to be in profit.

Send the postcards yourself, or use a postcard mailing service.

Simply Google “postcard mailing service” and you’ll find a company to match your needs.

Sending Lumpy Mail

What’s the best way to get your mailing piece to stand out? Make it lumpy.

If you’ve ever received a non-profit solicitation for a donation, you probably know what we’re talking about. They send pennies, pens, calendars, packs of greeting cards and all sorts of things to get you to open their envelope. And of course once you have their free gift, the law of reciprocity kicks in and you want to send them something back.

For our purposes, think of something unusual and cost effective, such as…

– A pebble (because of the rocky time they’ve had, or the rocky time ahead if they don’t get your product)

– Seed packets (to ‘grow’ their business, grow their profits, etc.)

– A compass (so they can find their way)

– A thumb drive loaded with your value-offering promotional materials

– Worry stones (because they’re up at night, worrying about their business or how to pay the bills)

– Poker chips (because they shouldn’t gamble on other products or providers)

– Aspirin in a packet to ease their pain

– A paper wallet because you’ll show them how to fill it with money

– A sand timer for when they’re running out of time

– And so forth.

Again, there are services to help you accomplish this. For example, http://www.gcfrog.com/lumpymail/ is a good starting point.

Print Ads

The trick here is to make your ad look like an article in the magazine or newspaper you’re advertising in. Let’s say you’re advertising in a magazine – get an issue and see how their articles are formatted. Two columns? Three? What font do they use? What about picture placement?

Write your ad as more of an advertorial than a regular ad. You might have to put the words, “Paid advertisement” at the top of your ad, but it will still convert better than if your ad looks like an ad.

Have a great headline and use lots of sub-headlines to keep the reader on the page.

Have a strong call to action for an irresistible offer. The offer should be so good people simply cannot resist it, whatever it is.

Get a Local Column

This is an excellent technique for local business consultants. If you live in a small to medium sized city, your local newspaper might be thrilled if you would volunteer your services to write them a column each week on a topic that interests their readers.

If not, you might consider taking out a weekly ad and making it look like a column. In some respects, this is actually preferable to writing the column for free, since you’ll have more control over your topics.

Be very helpful in what you write. Only the last line or two should promote your business. The bulk of your column should be helpful information that people can use.

This will set you up as the authority and the person people turn to when they need your services.

Birthday Cards

Here’s something that used to be common and no longer is, which is why it will make you stand out from the crowd of marketers like a beacon on a hill. Send REAL birthday cards through the mail to your best customers.

You might collect their birthday (Month and day, not year) when they check out. You might even tell them WHY you’re collecting it. Let them know it’s optional, but you’d really like to remember them on their birthday.

Most people will be eager to share their birthdate with you. Or you can hop on Facebook and discover their birthday there if they have it listed.

If you don’t want to send the cards yourself, use a service such as postable.com or sendoutcards.com.

Now then – a person might interact with a few hundred people and companies online over the course of a year. But odds are you will be the only one who remembers their birthday. That makes you pretty special.

You might include an offer of a free birthday gift in your card, too. Perhaps a video you recorded for their birthday (you can use the same one for everyone) and a download link for a free product. Guaranteed they will be opening your emails and following you closely on social media after that.

When it comes to things like investing and marketing, doing the opposite of what most people are doing is often the winning course. Now that everyone else is online, be sure to look for offline opportunities to win the hearts, minds and wallets of your customers.

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2 Ways to Sell More Big Ticket Services

I’m about to show you how you can use a big discount, and case study offer to start selling big ticket services like crazy. This can work for most big ticket items you’re selling.

2 Ways to Sell More Big Ticket Services

Maybe you sell SEO services to brick and mortar business. Or perhaps you sell coaching over the phone to people who started with a free 20 minute session with you. This works in print as well, but it works even better when you’re actually talking to the person.

Let’s say you sell list building systems to local businesses. You’ve sat down with them, explained exactly what you can do for them and they’re excited. “How much do you charge?” they want to know.

Let’s say you charge $1,000 a month for the service. Tell them you normally charge $2,000, and explain why your service is a tremendous deal at that price. Then tell them that if they will allow you to use them as a case study, you will knock that price in half.

Here’s the beauty of this system:

First, you’ve already primed them for a higher price, so when you offer the lower price, they’re actually relieved and much more likely to say yes.

Second, in the back of their mind they’re thinking, “If s/he is using my business as a case study, that means s/he’s going to work extra hard to get good results.” Which makes perfect sense, because you wouldn’t want a case study that failed.

Third, you can use these case studies to bring in new clients. For example, let’s say you performed a service for a plumber. Now you can contact plumbers in other cities and show them the exact results you achieved in that first plumbing business. When they see these specific results, they are much more likely to sign on.

The same goes for any other service you provide to local businesses, professionals, coaching clients, etc. Show them your ‘regular’ price, then offer the option of getting a reduced price in exchange for allowing you to use them as a case study.

One caveat: In the case of personal coaching (versus business coaching) you might want to change their name in your case study to protect your client’s privacy.

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How to Repurpose Content for Big Profits

Here’s how to make your content timely, highly relevant and super hot, every single time.

How to Repurpose Content for Big Profits

Let’s face it – online marketing is and always will be about selling stuff to people. Simple.

The techniques might change (somewhat) and the methods we use become more refined, but it’s still all about selling products and services people need or want.

Keeping that in mind, it’s very simple to write a series of reports on all of the basics.

For example:

“How to start a Facebook Fan Page and get 1,000 fans interacting with your product.”

“How to build a profitable list of 10,000 people in 3 months.”

“How to create products, how to drive traffic, how to use social media, etc.”

You get the idea.

Now then, here’s the trick to making your content super timely and hot:

Watch the news.

See what the latest brew-ha-ha in marketing is.

For example, did Google make yet another change that threw website owners for a loop?

Then your ‘how to drive traffic’ report can be repurposed into: “How to Drive as Much Traffic as you Want without Google”

Did Facebook make major changes to their advertising policy? Repurpose your Facebook Fan Page report into, “How to Get All the Facebook Leads You Want WITHOUT Buying Facebook Ads”

Or for your, “How to make a product” report, you could take the latest marketing trend and write something like this: “5 Products [New Trend] Users are Screaming for That You Can Make in 2 Days.”

In each case, you’ll just go into your word processor file, update your document with the new title, add or change the bits specific to the current news or trend, and you’ve got a hot selling new product to offer.

Put it on ClickBank, JVZoo, etc. Then promote it to your list, or buy enough traffic to get some sales. Your goal is to get noticed by the affiliates, and from there it’s Profit City for you and your evergreen content.

The beauty of this system isn’t just that you can repurpose your best content over and over again. When news of a marketing change or new trend hits, you can get your highly relevant product to market almost overnight, filling a market gap practically the moment it’s created.

Plus, isn’t it wonderful to continue getting paid for content you wrote once, and only need to modify to make it highly relevant again?

One more tip: If you don’t like to write, you can always search for PLR. Then update and tweak it to make it relevant to what’s happening now.

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Light a Fire, Change Your Life

Some people need to build a full time income in their business before they can feel comfortable leaving their jobs. Perhaps they have a family and mortgage, and they need to know their income is solid before taking the plunge to full time.

Light a Fire, Change Your Life

Others have to leave their jobs before they’ll get busy and start their business. For them, they need the ‘sink or swim terror’ to inspire them to take massive action.

No matter which camp you fall into, here’s what’s true for nearly everyone:

– Your reason ‘why’ isn’t just a nice thing to have – it’s crucial for your success. The bigger your reason ‘why’ when you’re starting your own business, the more likely you will stick to it and do whatever it takes to succeed.

– To make your fledgling business a success, you need massive, undistracted action. For example, consider taking a week off from work, moving into a motel room away from all distractions, and creating your own product and sales funnel.

– If you don’t know how to do something, you have 2 choices:

A: Learn to do it yourself. This takes time and will often derail any momentum you had. For some, it will mean putting off starting the business for weeks and even months.

B: Outsource it and move on.

– Nearly everyone does better, accomplishes more and reaches success faster if they get a coach. Just sayin’.

– Once you taste success, you will never go back. I’ve almost never seen someone make money in their new business and then drop the whole thing to go back to a job. Once that fire is lit, there really is no turning back.

– Having your own business is not only financially freeing, it also instills a sense of self confidence that enhances almost every other aspect of your life.

– Starting your own business means overcoming your related fears, whatever those might be. Once you achieve success, you’ll find you’re able to overcome even greater fears and accomplish more than you dared hope back when you were safely enslaved. Errr… I mean employed.

If there’s a bottom line to this, it’s this: Decide what you’re going to do. Give yourself a deadline. Then move heaven and earth to get it done, and you will succeed.

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Turn Customer Complaints to Your Benefit

In life and in business, we tend to hate two things mainly: criticism and hassle. And why wouldn’t we? We all want a drama-free life without people telling us what we are doing wrong – that’s human nature. Complaints and additional work can be a bit demoralizing.

Turn Customer Complaints to Your Benefit

However, in business (especially online as vendors of a product or service), whether it is justified or not – we are always at some stage going to have to deal with complaints. And as much as that is something no one wants to face – we must learn that no matter how good we are, everyone has their own level of quality and a different perception of what they want to experience. Plus, things don’t always go smoothly – our connection can be slow, a tool may not work or something may not go to plan. It is alright in these moments for customers to get frustrated. That’s ok.

The only thing you must realize and prepare for is:

1. Complaints will happen and sometimes it’s not your fault.

2. Learn how to deal with complaints in an effective way that serves and protects both you and the customer.

If you don’t accept the above facts – you’re going to get an unhappy customer, leading to bad reviews and counter-productive word of mouth. So, understand that when complaints happen it is not so much about the complaint itself – it is how you deal with it that will be how you are measured by them. That is, not what went wrong but how you treated them afterwards.

Don’t think if you get a complaint online that the world is over and that you are bad at what you do and certainly don’t take it personally. The best thing you can do next in this situation is focus. Focus on what you can do to now rectify the situation. Unhappy customers become happy ones when they have an experience of something going wrong and note that it is dealt with swiftly, professionally and most of all – with care and politeness.

Often we can get so caught up by the insult of a complaint, we can fuel even more complaints with our harsh and defensive reactions. Or we may even not bother to fix it in the way we should because it seems like a pain.

Here’s my recommendation:

Respond to complaints calmly, confidently and completely.

Every complaint is an opportunity to turn around a dissatisfied customer – respond quickly and positively. Remember your brand is easily damaged, and the last thing you want is for people to be actively spreading bad stories about your business. A complaint that is dealt with well can often result in a loyal customer, one that has the experience of how sweet you were when they were quite cross. In doing this (as opposed to getting annoyed with them) gives them refreshed trust in your brand and the confidence to buy again. Why? Because they now know if things do go wrong they will be sorted out quickly.

And that is worth much more to your business, your reputation and bottom line than trying to be perfect. Customer complaints, and your positive and helpful response to them can actually become a strength builder for your business and brand.

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Successful Marketing is Often Entertaining

Things that entertain us – well, that’s not entirely our choice. When you satisfy your need for entertainment, (eat ice-cream, watch a movie, win a game) the reward centers in your brain fire off a weaker dose of the same chemical rewards that you would get for actually gathering rich food, finding a partner and winning a fight.

Successful Marketing is Often Entertaining

These chemicals stay in your brain telling you the behavior that triggered them is really good for you and forcing you to seek more of this ‘high’ state. Essentially, you don’t need entertainment, you won’t die without it- but the more you have, the more you think you need… you want it like a drug.

Advertising is the biggest business on the planet – why? Because they know this deep addictive need in human beings to want to be entertained so they weave a good feeling story or an adventure into their product brand and just like that – people are buying four pairs of the same shoes with different shapes on it.

I guess the lesson is this: Want someone to buy your products? Want someone to love/remember you?

ENTERTAIN THEM. Make them laugh or cry, make them say yes! Make them want more videos, more options, more of your approach. Give them value.

This idea dates back to the Roman era when the Colosseum delivered people to their death in the name of entertainment; showing how important it has been to us for centuries to feel occupied and given a certain standard of entertainment in order to maintain interest. This fact doesn’t escape us as Internet marketers. Just because we are not film directors doesn’t mean we cannot use what we have and know to entertain and keep people engaged with us.

My first bit of advice is this – we live in social media times so it is irrelevant if your business is well-established, new or you are selling nails and think you don’t need to know what the ‘crowd’ is doing – because you do. Make sure your social media strategy is up to date and always try to be ahead of what is happening. What are people interested in? What’s happening now? If you don’t know what is going on, I’ll bet that your competitor will and I’d say they’ll use that strategy to keep people entertained, and focused on their business – not yours.

In the same way as a face-to-face conversation, make sure your posts, tweets, content and images are unique and entertaining. People get bored in dull conversation all the time so it’s not a surprise that uninteresting social media webpages and irrelevant, boring posts will not get people coming back to your social media page or engaging in your online ‘conversations’. No talking about you? No sales. It’s really that simple.

Invest a little in finding out what really gets people talking and update yourself to be authentic, current and cool. Maybe you’ll find your inner entertainer in all sorts of unexpected ways, and in turn create more of a tribe following for your business that you can grow to ever-increasing heights.

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Conquer Your Inner Critic to Be Successful

When you grow up you tend to get told the world is the way it is and you just have to live your life inside that world as best you can.

Conquer Your Inner Critic to Be Successful

Try not to bash into the walls too much. Try to have a nice family, have fun, save a little money. Don’t step on toes, don’t be too cocky.

That’s a very limited life. Life can be much broader once you discover one simple fact: Everything around you that you call ‘life’ was made up by people that were relatively no smarter than you and so if you want to change something in your world… you can change it, you can influence it, you can build your own things that other people can use too.

You are more useful than you know. Once you learn that, you’ll never be the same again.

This is the advice I learned from Steve Jobs. You know that billionaire guy with the Apple fetish? He rocked. And more than that, he knew he did.

That was the biggest secret to his success on and offline – like you, he initially thought ‘I don’t want a job. I want to be an entrepreneur’. Most of us end there and then let self-doubt cloud any potential of getting any further. We make a few bucks, we live pretty comfortable and we dream realistically. We see the obstacles. But obstacles don’t stop us from going further as we may think – it is actually how resourceful we are in dealing with them. We can’t let a few trials dictate to us where our ceiling of success is.

And while being safe instead of bold is a good strategy if you like this life… there is no harm in a little self -love. It is this that creates the boldness.

If you wonder what being bold has to do with being successful or you think that talking about self-love is a little too ‘new-agey’… then let’s get scientific.

55% of all of our communication (that is how we present ourselves to the world) is not what we say and do. It is our body language. It is what we do with our face and our tone. The words you say are a side note. And so, it is essential to believe in yourself each day before you ever set foot online thinking you’re going to make a million because – heck – if you don’t believe it and you are not congruent, not one customer is going to believe that you’re the one to solve all their problems either.

So next time you say ‘I don’t want to sell myself’ or ‘I’m not sure people will like my product’ or ‘Am I charging/asking too much?’, make sure that the answer to that is in line with how much you value yourself. Be the value and people will pick up on it. Tell yourself you have lots to offer and that you can do it.

And why not… many people talk to themselves negatively all day long and this is not a great strategy for motivation is it?

I’ll say it one last time… you want to succeed.

Do it from the inside out – believe you can first. Believe you are worth that money. It is from a place of fear and worry that most people never pick up that phone and call when they should, most people never ask for what they want (at the price they want) when they know they should. That’s what separates the people that do things from the people who just dream about them. You’ve got to act. You’ve got to be willing to fail. You’ve got to be willing to crash and burn. And when it is all done and it’s time to get up, it’s not your legs that will lift you… it’ll be your self-belief.

Deep breathe and say it – You’re worth it.

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How to Use Coupons to Grow Your Brand

Coupons have been around since the beginning of man’s shopping experience. People love coupons because it gives them an extra discount on something that is much needed and wanted. They are an incentive to buy, and leave you with a pleasant feeling that you saved money. In fact, coupons are a very powerful tool to grow your business and brand.

How to Use Coupons to Grow Your Brand

You aren’t just giving the customer a reason to buy, but allowing them to save their hard earned money and not spend it all in one place. This will always get you on their good side and also gain trust that you really want them to save money.

How creative can you be with coupons? There are many different types of coupons to give. One type of coupon is an amount that is discounted from the total price. Simply put $5, $10, $15 dollars off a product for example.

Another type of coupon is “BOGO” or “Buy One Get One” free or half off. It is for you to determine which products and services go together to give someone half off or even a free product with their purchase.

A different variation of the “BOGO” coupon or discount is to buy multiple products to get one free or half off. You can have them buy as many as you like, but the price needs to be reasonable. It can be any price you set, but it has to be something that a customer would feel is worth buying and useful to them.

You can also be creative and give people a discount for referring your business to others. You can give a money amount or a percentage off their next order. Again people are saving money and also it is a way of inexpensive advertising. When people learn they will save money with you, the potential to gain more customers is stronger.

If you sell physical goods you can offer free shipping. As you know amazon.com offers free shipping to Prime members on many products. You can do the same if you have your own private store online. You may want to be a little more competitive and offer free shipping on items of lower prices. Make sure it is cost effective though.

You can also take a percentage off the total price if someone spends a certain amount with you. For instance, say you will give 10% off if they spend $50, or $100, but only if it meets or exceeds the amount. This will help you out in making money, but also encourage customers to buy more from you.

Rebate coupons are also great. Do you remember the last time you bought something and got a rebate? You have to send a slip in the mail and wait for the money to come back, but on the Internet you can make it more instantaneous. You know in today’s day and age, instant gratification is in high demand.

What you can do with coupons is really up to you. You can combine them, or give them out weekly or monthly. You can be as creative with this as you can imagine. Sometimes people like to combine coupons with offers, or use multiple coupons at one time. Whatever you think will make the customer the happiest, and still work to grow your business and brand.

With a number of different coupon options available for your use, now it’s to put some of these ideas into practice. Don’t just throw them in front of the customer and try to persuade them to buy just because they are getting a discount. That’s not actually good business practice, but throughout many years, people believed it worked.

Buyers will come to you because they like your products, they like your brand, or they like your attitude. Just reach out to those who are interested, and treat them nicely by offering coupons and discounts to build customer loyalty, and gain more referrals. This is a sure-fired way to grow your business over time.

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Make Buying from You Fun: Start a Contest

Sometimes one of the most exciting things in life is buying something that has meaning and value to you. You hear about something on television that sparks your interest, or you see an ad on the Internet that puts you into that mode where you just have to buy it. But then you buy it and that’s it – nothing more to it. You simply have the product now…

Make Buying from You Fun: Start a Contest

That’s the way many customers feel when they buy something. That’s also the original way we were taught to sell. A majority of sellers do not make it fun or exciting to buy. They just pitch a product to get a sale, give it to the customer, and hope they buy again. Well this is where we need to step outside the box and let our creative juices flow.

How about start a contest? What will this contest be? What will the prize be? Most of the time, you hear about sales contests, but what about doing it with your customers? Everything is up to you, the seller. Since you are reading this article, I will give you some tips and ideas on how to start a contest.

One contest can be to give a gift to the 100th buyer. This has actually been something in practice for years. Ones of the best things about this contest is you don’t have to let your customers know in advance. As you may have seen on television, when someone is the 100th customer, balloons, confetti, streamers, and such start falling from the ceiling all of a sudden. Then an announcement is made over the loud speaker that they are the 100th customer!

Surprise contests will leave people smiling for a long time. They began with the brick and mortar stores. As you are using the Internet mostly for your business, you will more than likely have an email list of buyers. When one of those customers is your 100th buyer, you can reward them as well by making an email blast about it.

Keep in mind too; you should never entice your customers to buy from you in an unethical or illegal way. Be careful of what type of contest you run. There are some dos and don’ts for this. For instance, you do not want to shame another company. You also do not want to bash anyone or say anything hateful. This is for your email list, website, and article directory, whatever you use.

If you are using social media, make sure to check out the platform’s terms of service. Please be sure you understand what you are allowed and not allowed to do. If you violate their terms, they can and most likely will deactivate your account and put an end to your strategy.

Do however, offer special bonuses. When someone buys from you and they win your contest, you can give them a bonus, and also offer unadvertised bonuses. People like the unexpected if it is something that will benefit them in any way.

People get excited about the bonuses especially when it is something they can use. Make sure the bonuses are useful and related to your niche. They should add to the use of a product either by giving the product more uses or make it an extension of what they bought.

These are some ways in which people think it is fun to buy something. Whatever you decide to do in order to make buying from you fun; remember to keep certain rules in mind. You can surprise them or make an announcement. As long as it adds value and people enjoy the product, then you will win over your customer’s hearts.

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How to Make Your Customers Feel Special

Making your customers feel like they are more than just a buyer is not that difficult. As you always do, thank them for their business, but there is more that you can do. Thanking them is one thing, but remembering them on a special occasion is a big plus.

How to Make Your Customers Feel Special

No one will get to know their customers overnight, but an effort to get to know them over time can pay big dividends in your business. For starters, since they are your customers, you do know at least something about them because they like the products and services you offer.

Do keep in mind; you should never assume that they always want the same things. You probably think you know what your customers want but you cannot be 100% sure. One of the main reasons businesses fail is because they are trying to create demand where there isn’t any. Also, businesses will build themselves around ideas that are untested and unproven. Those ideas will often make it difficult to attract even a small number of customers.

Always give your customer what they want, and always do what you say you will do. If you say you will give them something for free, make sure they get it. Don’t say they will get it and then they are waiting for it and it never arrives. Or if you say the product will be delivered by a certain date, make sure it is. People won’t want to buy from you if they are misled. If you are not able to deliver something by the promised date, let them know why; don’t make them wait.

Aside from delivering what you promised, it is a good idea to create and personalize a loyalty program. For instance, if you are an Internet marketer or blog owner, you can create a program where customers receive a discount after earning so many points and they can earn points when they buy from you or refer people to your products.

Staying connected is really important too. You don’t want too much time passing where the customer never hears from you. Every now and then, you should send a letter to your subscribers and customers giving updates or good news or something they may find interesting. Always have something prepared to send and schedule it with your autoresponder.

This may sound funny, but give a little favoritism to your buyers. While you always want to get new customers, you cannot forget about people who already buy from you. Make them feel as if they are really important by creating a loyal customer or VIP program.

One thing I’ve learned through experience is to reach out to your customers when they have a birthday, or if someone is getting married or having a baby. Of course you will only know as much information about someone as they will tell you, but use what you do know about them and let them know you are thinking about them when the time is right.

Lastly, the way you handle customer service is crucial. If someone has a problem or a concern, always stay level headed. Never make excuses. You know and they know that you have more than one customer, but people always feel as if they are the only one. Give them that personal touch.

Now you have some tips to help you make your customers feel like they want to do business with you. The more you practice these skills, the better you will become as a business owner and your customers will want to continue to buy from you over and over again.

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Video Blogging to Grow your Business

As you already may know, videos are the most popular type of media on the web today. More and more people are looking for a video to watch than simply reading an article. With the written word, there may be misinterpretations as compared to watching a video. People like to have visuals to help them understand something better.

Video Blogging to Grow your Business

Think about this: YouTube is the second largest search engine on the World Wide Web today. Millions upon millions of visitors go to YouTube every day to watch a music video, something entertaining, or even something informative. Because videos are so popular, many people have vlogs (video blogs).

You don’t even need to invest in a website for uploading your videos. If you have a YouTube channel, that can be your vlog. YouTube has many ways to help you monetize your videos, so you definitely want to use YouTube and your own site together.

There is more than one way to make money with YouTube. You can either put up a video with a backlink to your site, to an affiliate site, or you can become a partner with them and make money with ads.

As an experienced marketer, you know how important video is today. I have touched on using video in other articles, but now I want to go more in depth. Let’s start by talking about different types of videos you can make, which will encourage people to check out your site. This will be a way to make income before you use more technical approaches with your videos.

For starters one of the highest searches for videos is a tutorial. Say someone wants to build a website for themselves and they don’t know how to do it. They will search YouTube for a tutorial on it. They will watch step by step as someone shows them by screen cast how to build a site from beginning to end. Tutorial videos are not limited to just showing someone how to build a website of course.

You can also demonstrate a product for people. If you are selling a tablet computer for example, you can show people some of its features and what it can do and how to use it. How well you explain the product and how to use its features will depend on whether people will tune in and watch your videos. If they like what they see, they are more likely to check out any other videos you have on your channel.

A great presentation about not just the computer, buy any product you can demonstrate will give people more of an incentive to purchase it. Since you are the one who created the demonstration, they are more likely to buy the product from you.

There are many other subjects and niches you can vlog about. If you keep a journal of your travels, you can turn it into a video journal. Make it exciting and give people interesting facts about the places you visit. You can film yourself walking around or you can make a slide show of pictures. However, people will more likely watch a video of you walking around.

Another vlog can be website reviews. These websites can be ones that you are an affiliate for or they can be sites that people are interested in and you want to share your experience with them. After people watch the video, you want to direct them to your site where they can learn more. So give them enough information at the start, but not everything they need to know. You want to encourage them to learn more by visiting your site.

Commercials are another great idea still as popular as they were when TV was invented. You can make your own commercial by simply being a spokesperson for your product or affiliate program. No matter how you put it together, if you grab the interest of your target audience, it should work out for you just fine.

You can use a video to provide certain information to a viewer and give them the option to purchase or request more information in the end. This is where a squeeze page comes in handy. If you like, you can put a video on the squeeze page, or just have them click a link to take you to the page after viewing the video. Whatever way you choose to do it doesn’t matter as long as you can encourage people to give you their information so they can now be on your list.

Some people out there may have very large lists of clients. One thing you can do is to start a joint venture with those people. You can charge a fee for others to use your video on their site, or you can cross promote each other’s products or services. This gives you more exposure and traffic to your vlog as well as exposure for your partner. It’s a win-win situation.

One more idea for creating videos is to give people tips and advice. Start a tip of the week vlog to keep people tuning in to your show. Keep the tips related to your niche, and never give them too much information to take in. Keep it short, simple and to the point.

So as you can see, thinking outside of the box is essential to attract people to your product or service with this method. It really isn’t hard to do, and there are lots of resources available on the web today that will help you create you video blog. If you want to grow your list, then consider partnering with other marketers. There are endless possibilities with vlogging. Take some of the information here and begin your journey today!

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The ‘Perfection’ of Imperfection

You know, not just as Internet marketers but as people, we crave perfection. And because of that fact, we fail to act when we probably should.

The Perfection of Imperfection

I think you’ll recognize the following examples:

– Planning a party and then putting it off to the following weekend because there’s more time to get it ‘just perfect’.

– Waiting until the year after to go on that course, because the deadline this year is just too soon; you’re not quite ready.

– Writing that book that never quite gets finished because it’s not reading just as you’d like yet.

– Putting that concert off: sure, he/she will be around this part of the country next year – won’t they? You don’t have the money right now anyway… or the time… this time…

And specifically as an Internet marketer, you’ll notice that we are always (in the same way) trying to create the perfectly perfect product. We want to wait until it’s just right or just ready and at the best time in the most apt niche.

Careful is good, don’t get me wrong – you don’t want to invest in everything shiny you see like some mindless raven but there is also a danger in being too cautious.

If you wait until you’re ready… really ready it will queue your success and put you after those others that will dare to try and fail with the products that they have now. Not perfect products – working products. You see, if you’ve been in this game as long as I have, you’ll understand this:

There won’t EVER be a perfect product.

Every product, service, investment, niche and sales related system has risks. In fact, to cheer you up, I’ll tell you this: every moment of life, whether you think about it or not, has risks. You could go outside today and be hit by a bus with no greater or less risk realistically than if you were skydiving. You have to just work with the circumstances you’re in.

There will always be a product ready today, that sells today. And even failing to generate sales will teach you how to reach success next time. Because there are no failures, just learnings. Every product that sells less than another tells you many, many useful things about your market – about your consumer. And once you are inside the buying brain of a consumer – well, that’s when the money rolls in.

Do not delay in your experiments. Run with what you have today and make it work the best it can, for now. Stop trying to make everything work out perfectly because frankly you’re wasting time and missing out on valuable lessons and challenges that could have benefitted you as a very successful Internet marketer.

Sometimes you just have to rip the plaster off. Just pull and stop thinking about the how’s and whys. Doing things too carefully often delays the inevitable anyway and drags out the whole affair, causing pain. On a similar note, for you and for your life (on and offline) – If you need to walk away from something, just do it now. Waiting is more stressful than the act itself and once you’re on the other side, you can begin anew. But never before then. There’s never a good time. The time is NOW.

Certainly, don’t wait for approval to do something either. I have noted a lot of Internet marketers worrying about what their families etc. will think of their trial and error mode. And I don’t blame them – the jobs we have are more risky when you’re self-employed, naturally. But you’re here because you do not want to be a corporate slave, you want freedom. Let that freedom of choice be reflected in your next decisions too then, because life waits for no man and no woman.

Move with it, act now, make your own decisions – be free to make mistakes and to try different things. Products don’t sell themselves, you sell them. And the more you try, the better your methods will become.

Don’t wait for the perfect thing – it’s not coming. Make use of what you can do now – today. Your imperfection is all of our imperfections. It is what makes us human. It is what makes us great. Harness your imperfections, take action and work toward your greatness every day.

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FEAR Is The Main Ingredient Of All Failure

There is an interesting analogy of fear that I like and that is:

F – False
E – Evidence
A – Appearing
R – Real

FEAR Is The Main Ingredient Of All Failure

You see, most Internet Marketers imagine that they’re doing everything they can to succeed and yet often ask – “Why then am I not further along?”

“Where are my millions?”

If you feel this way too, then you’re probably a victim of ‘fear’ – of false evidence appearing real.

Fear stops you from doing many things:

– Taking risks
– Going for it NOW (not tomorrow)
– Worrying about investments/spending money
– Overriding your natural abilities
– Fear of not making enough money
– Fear of what people will think of you and your ‘virtual’ job
– Thinking it’s all a scam
– Worrying you are doing it ‘wrong’
– Having too many ideas as a back-up and, therefore, diluting your power in too many ventures
– Starting and not finishing

The list is endless. But it’s not real. It may feel real, but it isn’t. It is a future-based thought projection, and it is causing you to suffer and to, ultimately, hold you back.

You see, if you constantly picture it going wrong, worry about the future, keep changing your mind or venture and procrastinating – it’s all self-protection so that if it goes bottom up – you think you won’t feel so bad.

I am here to tell you if you want to get over this for good, you must pick an adventure online – hyper-focus on seeing it through to the end, forget about the ‘how,’ remember why you started, and disregard any thoughts of pain or failure that ‘might’ occur.

Why? Well, the difference between you and someone really successful in your field isn’t the system they are using. It is the mindset.

I guarantee you if it was the system, then everyone who bought the system thereafter would be rich. No, it is how you feel about it and what you are willing to do with it. Most of that process of success is inside of your head.

How can you make any system or process work for you? Don’t keep changing the idea – change you.

Simply put – stop being afraid of things that haven’t happened or that may happen or that have happened. Focus now on one or two good projects and STICK with it/them. See it/them through. Face the obstacles and tell your fear that you can do it and will do it no matter what. That is the only secret.

Why do we not like this word ‘failure’? Because the possibility of it (of letting ourselves down or others) causes us PAIN.

We are all afraid of pain and want to move away from it. That is how procrastination happens – you want to put the pain off for another time. It could be the pain of hard work, of talking to people if you are shy, of seeing yourself or of failing in your goals. But it is all nonsense caused by thought.

Pain is overrated. Why? Because again, FEAR is the main ingredient of all pain.

After that, it’s just the physical feeling, which can be managed.

That’s right. You can liken it to pulling out a loose tooth with a pair of pliers. 
Sounds barbaric, scary… however, how much do we dramatize the potential of pain in that scenario?

This is the same as fearing the future of your finances or overall success online.

But remember this…

Walking to get the pliers isn’t painful, lifting them isn’t painful, holding the tooth isn’t painful; wiggling the pliers and pulling – now that’s painful (the actual discomfort of doing it) – but for what, five seconds? Five seconds of pain.

And it’s over. Sure beats a week of panicking about the dentist.

It’s a strange analogy, but most of us live our whole lives making a whole day, week, or month out of pain when if we just lived in the moment without fear, it’s often just a five-second event.

If we just pick an idea, go for it and face fear – and just see it through!

Fear of failure is the element that keeps you down, with no hope of success on a massive scale. But there is no such thing as failure! Some of the greatest ‘failures,’ or lessons, as I call them, developed some of the most incredible inventions to date.

Failure is an exposure to what works and what doesn’t, and one can only reach success or failure when getting out of his/her safe or comfort zone. So if you are failing, you’re doing better than most… because while they’re sitting around, you have already gotten up and started making it happen!

Benjamin Franklin said:

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.”

And Thomas Edison said the following:

“Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.”

He added – “Everything comes to him who hustles while he waits.”

“Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.”

And my favorite – “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.”

Like Edison and like any great out there now… there is only one key difference in their approach – they are not afraid to see their work to the end.

See it to the end, and you too will have success.

Do not be afraid anymore. Get to work, take massive and consistent action toward your dreams, and build your dream life NOW.

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Does Anyone Know Who YOU Are Online?

There’s thousands of Internet Marketers out there – and you are one of them. So, here is my question for the day: Who are you?

Does Anyone Know Who YOU Are Online?

Because as you can see, when you search through products, people, and services online – mediocrity and conformity is already 99% of everyone else’s day.

Not to sound harsh, but most people just follow what is trending or what is hot, and while that is an awesome way to just make money – regarding a long-term and life purpose – it is not exactly fulfilling, is it?

It is just a means to an end if we think about it that way.

But you probably started online to make money – that is a given.

You also probably wanted to have the flexibility and freedom it brings. IM has great potential to earn a large amount of money in a short amount of time. It’s a great way to learn. Most times, it is easier than your best friend’s 9-5 job, isn’t it?

However, when we skip from one affiliate product to another or try different things aimlessly with no real long-term goal or life design, we are not really building a future for ourselves overall. And as human beings, our long-term goal always stretches beyond money.

In fact, as we get older, it is much more about –

How can I serve and add value?
How can I discover my life’s purpose?
What really makes me happy?
Who am I?

The most difficult part in life is to discover who you really are (you: not the kid of your parents, not the wife of your husband, not the student in school, not what society thinks about you or expects from you, etc.).

Once we go away and discover the answer to that – to what we really want from life, we can then apply our knowledge of who we really are to what we really enjoy doing – and in marketing terms – that can also bring money to the table. That’s where the start is. Trust me: Do what you love and what adds value in your personal opinion –and the money will follow.

Picking a job or service or product is not the first thing to do, not yet anyway.

Discovering yourself is the starting point. There is nothing before that point. The only other thing is what others are and what your position is in THEIR circles – not what is your position in YOUR life.

 Go away today and make a list.

List all of the things you loved as a child that you have forgotten about and like doing. Then name five strengths you have in business and by nature. Also list five weaknesses. After a while, you will start to see a pattern – things you are good at and what you can offer.

There is a reason you have the set skills you do; you are unique in these delivery skills and traits. Focus on what you LOVE to do and what you are good at and live from that end first before you decide what path to take.

You are here for a reason. Find out what that reason is.

“You did not come into this world; you came out of it. Like a wave from the ocean. You are not a stranger here.” – Alan Watts

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The Best Marketing Advice is Very Simple: Don’t Wait. Take Action.

Someone once asked me when is the best time to launch a product, to start up that new business, to go for something a bit risky or to change strategy.

The Best Marketing Advice is Very Simple: Don’t Wait. Take Action.

Is it the market, the timing, the product itself… When, when, when should I start in order for it to be the most effective?

In reply, I always say the same thing: Now. Start now.

And you then reply with the same fear – “But I am not ready…”

I tell you this, no matter who you are, you’ll never be ready. Those who wait for the conditions online to become ideal (and indeed offline in life) tend to never be ready. The fear will hold you back, the procrastination will hold you back, the lack of ‘going for it’ will harm your confidence. It’ll never be enough, it’ll never be just right. And if you’re not sure about it, you’ll be correct because no one will believe in you.

You must strike now and that means you’re not wasting any time. Yes, there are ideal circumstances in which to be successful, of course but the girl or guy who sits back waiting and doesn’t launch or doesn’t take that step forward will be quickly overtaken by the competitor; the one with the courage who knows that they’re not fully ready but is still going ahead with it. Why will it work better than you who is getting everything just right?

Because while they’re out doing these things and failing and getting back up and tweaking, perfecting and indirectly becoming a master of their craft… you’re still waiting for the right time. Practice and determination make the master.

In life, we are always waiting. Sitting back, looking for external guidance on what to do next and exactly how to do it. While this is great, sometimes you have to just do it. Experience is the best teacher – “Will it work?” you ask – “Go and do it, try it out. Right now. Don’t wait for tomorrow because it’s a lesson less tomorrow that you could have learned and incorporated into your wisdom.”

Timing can be perfect sometimes and it can create a lot of luck but not so much as the will and drive you can begin to use now inside of yourself – throwing away that fear of acting on something new. Tell yourself you can be happy now. You can focus on the things that matter now. From this head space of confidence, MONEY FOLLOWS. Always, because in this state of mind – that we are ready to have it all, right now as we are – we become extremely resourceful naturally.

It is us that holds us back. Our fears and inadequate thinking. Our waiting…

Think about why you became an IMer – you clearly wanted freedom from the rat race. You were maybe told to do your exams, don’t party and do well at school- then you’ll be happy. Successful. But then there’s more to do, go to university, get a degree… Oh, then you’ll be happy.

And after four more years, you need a good job and lots of money and if you do, then you’ll be happy. And now you’re working all the time to pay off your house and car and get financially free…when you do don’t worry… you’ll be happy.

But now they tell you you’re at that age where all this money means nothing without a partner, so settle down have a family and then you’ll be happy.

But time to yourself may be more limited now with these new responsibilities, so don’t worry, when you retire and the kids are raised well, then you’ll be happy.

And now you’re old… you might find another theological or philosophical force and even decide that when you die and go to heaven, you’ll be happy then.

Do you realize that when you live a life of ‘If I get this, if I wait for the right time… I’ll be happy’ most of us will spend our whole lives chasing a dream in the FUTURE? Always out of reach…

Happiness is just moments like these. WE can make miracles happen today…

Don’t wait for the right time to take a risk. Every clock minute is a risk regardless, (we cannot guarantee the future) and so all that exists is what step we can take right now to make our dreams come true.

Do something today – now – that is a step further than what you were yesterday. Lay a brick each day, don’t set out to build the wall… and one day you will have a wall without realizing it. All you had to do was:

Don’t wait. Take action NOW.

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6 Ways to Grab Attention with Headlines

When creating article content for your blog, the headline itself can very much make or break your campaign. It has been shown that inbound traffic can be increased by as much as 500% based upon the headline alone. Let’s take a look at six sure-fire ways to attract your audience and keep them reading on.

6 Ways to Grab Attention with Headlines

Keep it Simple

Countless online “experts” claim that creativity is key in capturing an audience. However, let’s keep in mind that most readers and visitors will want to know what it is that they are reading. Cut out the fluff and bring the crux of the article to the table. Consider these two headlines:

“Leveraging the Power of Email in the 21st Century Digital World”
“How Your Email Can Generate Massive Amounts of Revenue”

Which one tells you more about the article? It is more than likely that a potential reader will be attracted to the second statement. Technical jargon generally should be supplanted with a more “down-to-earth” feel in order to entice the average reader.

Generate Curiosity

It is always good to have a headline that captures the attention of the visitor. This is particularly effective in blog posts that may revolve around a wide variety of topics. In fact, there is nothing wrong with starting off an article with a question such as:

“Do You Know the Top Ways to Drive in Online Revenue? You Might be Surprised!”

This short headline does two things. First, it causes the reader to begin thinking about the answer to the question put forth. Secondly, it entices them to continue perusing the article to find out what they may be missing. Curiosity is key to engagement and in this case, the title can be just as important as the content.

Numbered Lists

Numbered lists have been used by clickbait sites for a very long time, and for good reason. This type of introduction prepares readers for what is in store (the length of the article, for instance). In other words, you are quantifying what it is that you are offering to the reader. This is one of the reasons why sites such as BuzzFeed are so very popular (even if the information that they present is sometimes common knowledge).

One word of advice should be mentioned. Some numbers work better than others and it is always good to place them in the beginning of the text. For instance:

– 7 Reasons why Obesity Kills
– 10 Advantages of Our Product Over Our Competitor
– The Top 15 Ways to Increase Your ROI with Our Product

Numbers such as 5, 7, 10 and even 20 will work well. Many feel that this has to do with a bit of psychology and the comfort that these known quantities offer (as opposed to a random number such as 19). Finally, discrete numbers tend to signal that the article is put together well.

The Sale

Any headline should begin selling your product or service before the reader gets into the text. In some ways, you can consider this to be the “open” in an average sales pitch. As opposed to merely stating a fact about your service, it is better to tempt the reader into discovering what you are able to offer. Here are the wrong and right ways to accomplish this (assuming that you are marketing a weight loss supplement):

– How to Lose Weight
– 5 Products We (the name of the company) Provide to Help You Lose Weight

The first headline is bland and if punched into a normal search engine, thousands of results will pop up. The second headline attaches your company with an action. As the name of the firm is in the title, this is also a great way to increase SEO and exposure. Place yourself in the shoes of a potential customer and ask what their frustration is and how your company can fix the problem.

Going Viral with an Audience

Should your article go viral and be shared by a massive amount of readers, the positive effects of ROI are obvious. The best way to accomplish this is to know what your target audience needs. Many digital strategists state that this is associated with how novel the article is. While this is indeed true, novelty should never be confused with fancy prose and the use of a thesaurus. Instead, novel signifies simplicity and a clever presentation that is memorable. Although this will naturally revolve around the product that you are promoting, adding a bit of flair into a title can help the entire post or blog go viral.

A Bit of an Ultimatum

Generating interest and inbound traffic can also be caused by a title that reflects a certain amount of finality. Certain “power” words will reflect a confidence within your company and entice the reader to continue to find out what he or she may have been missing. Let us assume that you are marketing a way to make money from home. Some headlines using this approach can include:

– The Top 10 Reasons You’re Not Making Money
– The Ultimate Guide to Making Money Online
– We Guarantee that Our Product Will Make You Money

The underscored words utilized in these titles all signal power, strength and confidence. The chances are high that the reader is looking to enjoy these very same traits.

These six tips should be used in conjunction whenever possible. Not only are headlines important in terms of search engine optimization, but they are just as critical (if not more so) to “hook” a reader, keep him or her interested, and transform this interest into action.

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